Voting and Tickets

Online voting will open on 22nd November 2019 until 29th February 2020.

All categories are nominated by the general public and are voted for by general public, with the exception of Champion or Champions, which is decided by the judging panel.

The individual or business with the most votes will win.

Tickets for the Awards Gala Dinner will be on sale later on this year.

All nominated individuals and businesses are actively encouraged to ask for votes from general public. In event of a tie, the panel will vote to decide on winner.

Best Restaurant Regularly Serving Game

Best Pub Regularly Serving Game

Best Chef Regularly Cooking Game

Best Game Farmers Market Stall including Street Food

Best Added Value Game Meat Product

Best Multiple Retailer Selling Game

Best Small Retailer Selling Game

Best Game Butcher

Game Hero

Champion of Champions

Eat Game Awards

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